About Us

Panoptes is a privately held biotech company focused on developing small molecule based therapies for the treatment of severe eye diseases with high unmet medical need. Panoptes is located in the city center of Vienna, Austria. More information


Business Model & Strategy

Panoptes intends to develop PP-001 up to proof-of-concept studies in humans. For posterior uveitis, a sub-population of uveitis, orphan drug status will be applied which will allow accelerated approvals, financial incentives, higher reimbursement rates and prolonged market exclusivity. More information


Management Team

Dr. Franz Obermayr and Dr. Stefan Sperl are founders of Panoptes. Before they became CEO and COO of the company, they gathered significant development experience in the transition from preclinical programs up to clinical phase 2. Together they have more than 30 years of experience in drug discovery and development. More information

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