Business Model & Strategy

Fotolia_49569874_M Panoptes intends to develop PaniJect and PaniDrop up to proof-of-concept studies in different indications in ophthalmology.

Posterior uveitis will serve as the gateway indication to reach the market rapidly and cost efficiently and will serve as the basis to branch out in other inflammatory and viral indications of high unmet medical need.

Panoptes Pharma is led by a management team with an excellent track record in drug development, documented in particular by the successful transition of several preclinical projects into the clinical stage. The company structure is lean, as most of the operational activities are outsourced in order to ensure cost efficiency. The experienced senior management team of Panoptes Pharma serves as the intellectual brain and pacemaker of PP-001 development.

The company’s key research and development expertise lies in the rapid transition of preclinical stage projects into proof of efficacy in humans. Panoptes is seeking a strategic partnership with experienced development and commercialization partners in ophthalmology.

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