Management Team

Dr. Franz Obermayr

Dr. Stefan Sperl

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Franz Obermayr, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Franz Obermayr is co-founder and CEO of Panoptes Pharma. Previously Head of Clinical Development at Nabriva Therapeutics AG responsible for all clinical programs including Levamulin currently in FDA approval for community acquired bacterial pneumonia.

His earlier career involved various positions at GPC-Biotech – most recently as Principle Scientist and Director Discovery.. He also played a key role in the commercialization of these programs by managing large collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Prior to GPC-Biotech he completed his postdoctoral studies at the Max-Planck Institute for Immunobiology in Freiburg. Dr. Franz Obermayr earned his PhD in Biochemistry at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London in 1996.

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Stefan Sperl, Ph.D Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Stefan Sperl is co-founder and COO of Panoptes Pharma. Prior to this position he was global Project Manager at Nabriva Therapeutics AG, responsible for all development programs ranging from early preclinical to clinical phase 2 programs. Before that he headed the project management at Biovertis AG and was responsible for the internal and external drug discovery programs with emphasis on structure-based hit-to-lead optimizations. From 2000 to 2005, Dr. Sperl headed the small molecule research unit at Wilex AG, where he was responsible for lead optimization and GMP production. He has invented several patents of small molecules currently in clinical development. Dr. Stefan Sperl received his PhD in Chemistry from the Max Planck Institute in Martinsried, Germany in 2000.
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